Project Role: Strategic data collection, summary recommendation report  


Project Description: Dr. Duffey served as one of a small team conducting key informant interviews of thought leaders and content experts to solicit guidance and feedback on how RWJF can leverage its position and interest in childhood obesity prevention to accelerate and support ongoing and future P-5 obesity prevention efforts. The results of these extensive interviews and summarized notes was a strategic plan for action, delivered to RWJF.

FNV Campaign Evaluation 


Project Role: Nutrition consultant, data management & analysis expert  


Project Description: In collaboration with colleagues at Virginia Tech and Rutgers University, and conducted for The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Partnership for a Healthier America, the FNV project was designed to evaluate the effectiveness and reach of a multi-million dollar advertising campaign that used celebrity endorsement and social media to increase F&V sales and consumption among racially and ethnically diverse Gen Z teens and Millennium moms. Dr. Duffey led development of questionnaires and the analyses of research questions related to changes in attitudes, beliefs, dietary intake, and sales among the target audience over the year-long exposure.  




Project Role:  CACFP Content Expert & Diet and Disease Literature Review Support


Project Description: Upstream Health and Kansas Health Institute, in collaboration with the Kids' Safe & Healthful Foods Project, conduced a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) of the proposed rule changes to the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). 


The goals of the HIA were four-fold:

  1. Examine the potential health and financial effects (positive and negative) of changes to nutritional standards for meals served in early childhood day care settings within a larger framework of social, economic and physical determinants of health;

  2. Identify potential health disparities or inequities that could result from the new rules;

  3. Provide evidence-based recommendations to enhance the rules’ potential positive impacts on health and mitigate potential negative health impacts; and 

  4. Increase the utilization of HIAs in policy making at the federal level. 


Dr. Duffey served on a three-person literature review team that conducted the systematic literature review and write-up for components of the HIA. 




Project Role: Nutrition Science Expert, Nutrition Programmer


Project Description: In collaboration with RTI and ILSI North America, Dr. Duffey served as the nutrition expert and food composition table (FCT) program director in the creation of the web-based Food Value Analysis Application. Using the USDA's FCT and My Pyramid Equivalent database, Kiyah created the back-end nutritional content database for all foods in the web portal. This project required content expertise and statistical programming knowledge.


Application of the web-based portal here




Project Role: Scientific expert, Writer  


Project Description: In collaboration with Leading Health Consultants and working through FNPC for Healthy Eating Research (HER), Dr. Duffey is preparing a research review to summarize the evolution of Early Care and Education (ECE) healthy eating and physical activity policy over the last 5 years. This work will highlight promising practices from research on policy, systems, and environmental change interventions in ECE settings that could inform future policy efforts. The outcome will be a formal research brief, published through the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation nad HER.  



Project Role: Project management & oversight, Writer 


Project Description: Using Centers for Disease Control's Spectrum of opportunities, Dr. Duffey conducted a policy scan for the Institute of Medicine of the Early Care and Education environment to:

  1. Examine and summarize evidenced-based practices for obesity prevention;

  2. Identify areas of opportunity for the Institute of Medicine to provide resources to bolster these best-practices; and

  3. Summarize gaps and significant needs in childhood obesity prevention.     


You can learn more about Food, Nutrition, and Policy Consultants, LLC here



Project Role:  Nurition Science Expert, Writer 


Project Description: Dr. Duffey topic expert to review the latest evidence based for a relationship between sugar-sweetened beverage (SSB) consumption and obesity in children, especially 0-5 year olds. She provided general nutrition science and SSB topic specific nutrition content knowledge expertise. She drafted an internal research brief for the client's (RWJF's) straegic planning.   




Project Role: Strategic data collection, Writer


Project Description: Moving Health Care Upstream (MHCU) — an initiative funded by the Kresge Foundation — is designed to advance a better system of health for children and families. Kiyah is one of a team of four writers working to collect and tell the stories of the MHCU Collaborative Network.  

Learn more about MHCU here.



Project Role: Strategic planning, Author.


Project Description: Nemours, in collaboration with numerous partners, convened a summit bringing together leaders in the field of obesity prevention and early care & education to help foster and strengthen new and existing collaborations so that promising practices in health promotion and obesity prevention can be spread, scaled and sustained. Dr. Duffey was hired to attend the summit and synthesize the two-day event, creating a three year action plan (white paper) for use and dissemination by Nemours Children’s Health System.


Learn more about the summit here

Read the full action plan here.




Project Role: Nutrition Science Expert, Author.


Project Description: Dr. Duffey conducted an extensive literature review on the current trends in calories, sugar, and sugar sweetened beverages and their associations with total energy intake, overall dietary patterns, and health outcomes among US children and adults. Deliverable included a fully referenced scientific summary report.  


The Role of Canned Foods in Meeting Healthy Diet Recommendations

Project Role: Scientific Expert, data analysis 

Project Description: Dr. Duffey managed a team of researchers using NHANES dietary and health data to examine the role that canned foods play in helping US adults meet various healthy eating patterns, including the DASH diet, the Mediterranean Diet, and the “Healthy American Diet” (having a higher Healthy Eating Index score). Eventually worked with the Food Minds team to develop and present a symposium at the 2019 Produce for a Better Health Foundation annual meeting.


This presentation was later turned into a webinar delivered in November 2019.

Beef’s Role in a Healthy, Sustainable Food System, Discovery Workshop

Project Role: Scientific Expert Communications Consultant

Project Description: Edited scientific documents and pre-meeting reading and preparation materials to ensure completeness, accuracy, and readability by a scientific and non-scientific audience.


Cereal and Health Literature Review

Project Role: Expert Scientific Witness 

Project Description:  Dr. Duffey provided critical scientific review of the epidemiological literature of the relationship between cereal consumption and health. The project included identification of relevant literature using scientific databases and search tools, review of the literature, abstraction of the

individual studies and summation of the overarching research question and conclusions drawn. 

Added Sugar and Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease Literature Review

Project Role: Expert Scientific Witness 

Project Description:  Dr. Duffey critical scientific review of the epidemiological literature of the relationship between added sugar consumption and diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The project included identification of relevant literature using scientific databases and search tools, review of the literature, abstraction of the individual studies and summation of the overarching research question and conclusions drawn

*Work secured by Dr. Duffey, but completed while serving as Director of Global Scientific Affairs at LA Sutherland Group.